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  • Penya


    7 year old Gee Haw leader.
    Has finished many beargease and Can-am for me.  A Good honest dog.  She was on my 2007 2nd place Can-am and 209 3rd place Can-AM.



    Colt: 4 year old male.

    Ruby (Wehseler) x Coke (Meyer)     Ruby goes back to the Swingly lines and Coke to Streeper lines

    Colt is a good honest dog.  He finished Can-Am 60 and White Oak 60 in 2009.  He was on my Can-Am team till 2 days before we left.  He pulled toenail off and couldn’t go. $500


    Willow: 3 year old female

    She goes back to the Swingly lines and Streeper lines.

    She finished on Bill’s 2010 Can- Am team and was  still on my Can- Am team when I scratched.




    Oliver: 2 year old male,

    Kristi (Seekins) x Sultan (Nolke) breeding

    A good dog that I feel is better for sprint/stage or mid-distance.


    Greyling: 6 year old female   She is a good steady honest hradworking dog.  She has finished beargrease and Can-am with me.  She was in my team when I scratched this year.    $600

    Ruger: 4 year old female  Colt’s sister.   Has finished the White oak and Can-Am 60 mile races.  She trained with my Can- Am team all this year.   $400

    Sprout, Lima, Butterbean and Navy:  They are a Claire Seekins breading.  Nolke’s Sultan is their grandfather on both sides.  They are harness broke but did not run longer than 20 miles this year.  $300 each

    Faramir and Elrond: 9 year old nuetered males , great for a Rec team $100 each

    Panda: 6 year old spayed female.   Good honest dog, a bit small for my team.  Would be a great dog for a rec or beginner team.  Has run some lead  $100

    More pictures soon.