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  • Racing with Stoney Creek Kennels

    Racing 1Follow Rita and her team and Bill and the young dogs through their 2010 racing season. Starting with the John Beargrase at the end of January and finishing with the Can-Am Crown 250 at the beginning of March.

    Rita has been racing her own team for the past 10 years. In 2001 she became the first woman ever to finish the Can- Am Crown 250 race in Maine. In 2006 Rita took a young team back to Maine and finished 11th, with hopes of doing better the next year. Her hard work and patience paid off in the 2007 season.

    With no snow in Minnesota the training was difficult and most of the races she planned to run were canceled. Rita and the team headed to Maine for 2007 race and once again made history. The team finished 2nd making Rita the highest placing woman finisher ever.

     In 2008 Rita again went to Maine and finished 6th.  In 2009 she once again set out for the Can-Am.  Rita and Bill took 20 dogs with them and Bill ran the 60 mile race with the young dogs.  Finishing 18th in his first race.  Rita started hoping for a good finish but with a field this tough it wouldn’t  be easy.  She finished 3rd and once again set a record,  the fastest time by a woman.



    Racing History

    • Can-Am Crown 250 — 2009– 3rd place
    • Can-Am Crown 250 — 2008–6th place
    • John Beargrease 2008 — 9th place
    • Can- Am Crown 250 — 2007 — 2nd place
    • Apostle Island 8 dog — 2007 — 14th
    • White Oak Classic — 2006 — 11th
    • John Beargrease 150 — 2006 — ?
    • Can-Am Crown 250 — 2006 — 11th
    • John Beargrease 150 — 2005 — ?

    Stoney Creek Kennels – Sponsorship Levels

    racing2Sponsor a Dog: $200 – Help feed one of the dogs in the kennel as they race for their dreams. Receive a picture of your dog with their paw print on it.

    Wheel Dog: $500 – Receive a team picture.

    Team Dog: $1000 – Receive your name on the dog box, listed as a sponsor on my web site, and a picture of the team.

    Swing Dog: $2500 – Receive your name on the dog box, your logo on my sled bag, listed as a sponsor on my web site, and a picture of the team.

    Lead Dog: $5000 or more – Major Corporate Sponsor – What can I do to help you promote your business/product?